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Fluid & Lubrication

Hytech lubricant advisor service enables you to find the correct Total lubricant for you vehicle.

The extensive database encompasses virtually every major vehicle manufacturer from cars to HGV’s and agricultural equipment.  Where the manufacturer has provided a specification Hytech Trading cross matches it to the TOTAL lubricant that meets that specification.

Our Lube advisors help you to find the best oil for your model and brand of vehicle.


Main benefits:


  • You benefit from one of the most extended OEMs database in the market
  • Our recommendations cover many applications (passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, public works and mining equipment, tractors, boats..)
  • Being a local lubadvisor is far more powerful than a global lube advisor due to more extensive local database
  • You can download the technical sheets from our Lube advisors so as to discover the exact homologations of each

In practice:

Get in touch today to see how we can reduce your costs through Hytech’s Total Nordic lubricant program.

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