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Office support services

Office support services

We know that you demand perfectionism of each and every individual among your office personnel. You want an organization that is always staffed with skilled professionals within all pertinent fields of work.

You are aware of the value of adding a new staff member who represents a positive addition to a hectic and demanding working environment. Sometimes you need help – fast! Hytech Personnel hires out office personnel to companies that demand that something extra.


  • Finance and Accounting
  • Payroll Department
  • Personnel Administration
  • Switchboard Services
  • Archives
  • Administration and other support services.


In general – those staff members which are required to ensure that all daily tasks are completed perfectly.

Hytech Personnel provides whatever type of office personnel you might need – on short notice – whether you need them for one-day assignment, long term hire project staffing or recruitment for permanent employment.

The staff members we provide have the experience from both on- and offshore assignments.

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Skvadronveien 27
4050 Sola, Norway

Mail: post@hytech.no
Phone: +47 51 71 54 40


Måde Industrivej 19
6705 Esbjerg Ø, Danmark

Mail: dkjob@hytech.no
Phone: +4570602022

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