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Hytech ‘’Independent Multidicipline System House’’


Our Team:


  • Modifications and upgrading according to customers’ requirements and to meet the applicable rules and regulations
  • Specialized in case study,  root cause analysis (RCA) and FMEA
  • Able to achieve the best (quality and cost efficient) solutions based on our strong relationship to the suppliers

Track record

Hytech has a strong track record on creativity, quality and timeliness of deliveries.

Our solutions are developed in close dialogue with the customer. The company has throughout its lifetime received very positive feedback from its customers for innovative, efficient, robust and user-friendly solutions.


Internal Disciplines


Our internal disciplines include:

  • Mechanical
  • Structural
  • Hydraulic
  • Electrical
  • Software Engineering

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Plogfabrikkveien 9
4353 Klepp Stasjon, Norway

Mail: post@hytech.no
Phone  +47 51 71 54 40

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