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‘We want to be acknowledged by our clients, our people and other stakeholders for delivering what we promise: a competitive edge through high-quality solutions and services that are consistently best in class and on the cutting edge of technology.’


  • We say what we mean, our actions reflect our word, and we honor our commitments
  • We recognize and reward creativity and initiative employed to create stakeholder value
  • We create our future through our choices and actions today
  • We optimize the sum of our individual efforts through collaboration


Hytech will improve our customers’ economics and be an integral element of their strategy.


Hytech will be a technically competent workforce providing quality products and services and processing information technology and process design/redesign skills that provide a competitive advantage.

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Hytech Group AS

Hytech Personnel AS

Skvadronveien 27
4050 Sola, Norway

Mail: jobb@hytech.no
Phone  +47 51 71 54 40

Hytech Engineering & Services AS

Kverneland, Plogfabrikkveien 10
4353 Klepp Stasjon, Norway

Mail: post@hytech.no
Phone +47 51 71 54 40

Hytech Rental

Plogfabrikkveien 9
4353 Klepp Stasjon, Norway

Mail: rental@hytechrental.no
Phone +47 51 71 54 40

Hytech Trading AS

Plogfabrikkveien 9
4353 Klepp Stasjon, Norway

Mail: sales@hytechtrading.no
Phone +47 51 71 54 40

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